B O B spells BOB

One of the themes I revisit often on my blog is that of reading with my kids. I'm a big reader myself (just ask Amazon, they know me by first name). 

A few years ago I had the opportunity to get some little reader books for Biggie. He was four then and in his first months of kindergarten. 

The BOB books arrived and Biggie was really chuffed to be able to read the whole thing. It was pretty impressive even though I knew Biggie was already reading, it had been with books we'd read a hundred times before.

Little Guy also loves the BOB books but so far he's not into reading them. He just loves carrying them around. They're the perfect size for my little bags. I still think book appreciation is a valuable step towards reading eventually so I'm happy for that to happen.

I was pretty excited to get an email from the people at BOB Books a few weeks ago. They remembered Biggie and his early attempts at reading and wondered if Little Guy would be ready for some as well. Little Guy isn't ready yet but it won't be long.

I found this checklist on the BOB Books page: (my answers in bold) 

  1. Does your child know the alphabet? NO
  2. Can she or he recognize most of the letters (including both uppercase and lowercase letters?) NO
  3. Can your child recognize letters on everyday objects such as S T O P on a stop sign? NO
  4. Does your child know that letters are associated with sounds and can he or she demonstrate a fair number of those sounds? NO
  5. Can your child spell his or her own name? YES

If your child is doing well on this checklist then you might consider visiting the Bob Books website for more information. What we need is the My First Bob Books Alphabet set. 

The books have funny little stick figure characters that my kids seems to find strangely appealing. You can see a sample page here. They come in a really cute little storage box and are a handy size for little hands. Two of our sets also came with flashcards which you can use as the basis for games. 

Everything is harder with Little Guy. The two kids are like chalk and cheese and I find Little Guy a real challenge. I guess I am older and he's my second one so I don't have the energy I had with Biggie. But I can't use that as an excuse to let things slide with Little Guy. English is not taught in our school system here in Osaka (in my part of town) so without me teaching and encouraging them neither of my kids would learn to read. I am happy to have this step-by-step system to follow. Thanks Bob Books!


  1. Hi Jacqui,

    Glad to see you've survived the crazy summer we've had!! :0

    Thanks so much for the review of these books....this is just what we need right now so I've taken the plunge and ordered.

    All the best with Little Guy as well :)


  2. That's so cool! Let me know how you get on!!


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