Camping Summary - September 2010

Hello! We're home from camping! I'm pleased to say we had a great time and we're all rearing to go as soon as possible again. Will October nights be too chilly for us? We're still deciding.

Highs and lows of this trip? The high would have to have been the weather, hot during the day but not unbearable. Deliciously cool in the evenings. I even got to put on a cardigan.

We were at the same campsite so we were reassured by the familiarity of it. The kids enjoyed it more than last time. I think they were more relaxed about approaching kids to play. We were well prepared with every kind of ball sport to entice little teams together with.

In the first picture you can see they're enjoying a quiet moment after lunch, playing Shopping List.
I got a lot of time myself and got stuck into a book I'd been saving (the third in the Twilight trilogy).

Meals were great although I hadn't planned as much as I had last time. I did forget a few things. Luckily our friends who live near the campsite joined us for a BBQ on Saturday night and brought the most delicious food with them.

Now onto the lows - just one really. Our CAR BROKE DOWN. We were all packed and ready to go by about 9am. We hung about for a while in the park then decided to drive to the nearby petting zoo only to find that the car would not start. Our kindly neighbors tried to jump-start us but we didn't really think it was a battery problem. I suspected the starter motor might be shot and unfortunately I was right. We waited an hour for the Automobile Association to come. He managed to get us started but warned us not the stop the engine until we got to the mechanic. We made it home, unloaded, then drove to the dealership where we waited another hour or so to have my diagnosis confirmed. So the car is out of commission for a week. Luckily we still have my car. But what a DISASTER! 

Thank you to my two wonderful friends who offered to come and give us a lift. 

Enjoy these pictures of my kiddliwinks camping in Kimino-cho, Wakayama Prefecture.

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  1. Sounds like us here in Kyoto you're enjoying Fall. It makes such a difference to have decent temperatures.


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