Fresh in the shop today

I have so many bags here in the wings waiting to be sewn up, photographed and added to my shop. It's a slow process! Today my little one is still under the weather so I have convinced him to take a nap. The sun is out so I am snapping shots of some of the bags I want you to see.

One red bike is the fabric I have used for my little boy's book bag / totes. It's a gorgeous printed canvas-weight cotton which is why it's perfect for heavy-load bags. I also have it in a rust red that I haven't had a chance to use yet.

I couldn't resist sewing a few of the little messenger bags for boys as well. The first ones I made are available at Pulp Creative in Manly, Sydney or you can check them out in my online store. I've used a thick red thread like what you would see on jeans to outline the bag flap and as a contrast feature on the navy blue strap. I think it makes the bags pop, otherwise it would be a fairly plain navy blue bag. Ride My Bike Messenger Bag for Preschool Kids.

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