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This little Sky Fun bag has been revamped. Last one.
Lots of my friends are booking their trips home for Christmas. I am so jealous. It's hard to believe almost a year has gone by since we were there (in New Zealand). 

We do have some exciting news though, my FATHER is coming to visit us! The last time he was here was eleven years ago. A lot has changed since then. We've moved twice, no longer in the tiny apartment. We have the two kids now, no more quiet sleep-ins. We have two cars, no more beating the feet. And we're married now, it's all legal! 

Obviously I've seen Dad over the years but I think this trip will be a bit different from the last one. We cannot wait!


  1. We wanted to go to Norway for Xmas but it's $9000 for the airfares alone! Very expensive

  2. Hi there.

    Have ticket home just have to book ticket back....

    Have a great time with your father. Sometimes it feels like 'home' when you have someone visiting. Hope it's that way for you.



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