It's a long weekend so camping we go

Coleman Dessert Pizza
 I still cannot believe it but the temperatures are finally dropping. We have had rain, delicious cool wind and NO AIR CONDITIONING for a couple of days. I am feeling like myself again. The kids have not been grating my last nerve and things have been quite civil. It's such a relief.

This may be our last weekend of nice summer weather. Things change quickly here. One minute the air-con is on 24/7, the next I am washing long sleeved tees and dragging out the heaters. 

It's a long weekend so we're going camping.

Most places were booked out so we are returning to the same camping ground we went to in July. It was fun and easy so I'm happy. The kids are excited too.

I've bought just a few new things in the end-of-season sales from my camping checklist. A little single burner for my cups of tea, a new air-bed for little guy, and extra chilly bin for drinks and an extra TENT. Actually the tent was a splurge and I have not told Mr. Mee a Bee about it yet. Don't worry I have a list of reasons to justify it! It was on sale for one-third off and it was on my list but probably for next year ....

Our Road Trip Grill has been fabulous both on our camping trip before and at home. We're becoming hooked on BBQ. I found a whole new recipe page on the Coleman site. All in Japanese but you get the idea. YUM! off to the supermarket in the morning!

Have a great weekend.


  1. You certainly are getting into camping now - good on you! Your boys must love it. We have only taken our boys on one proper camping trip and they had great fun. We will have to do it again when the weather warms up for us here. Hope you have fun. Lou.


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