A little Party Bag

Here's a little idea I am working on. I'm calling them Party Pouches. I think they're perfect for little girls to wear when they are going to birthday parties.

I whipped up these two for a friend of mine. They'll be sold at our kindergarten craft fair in November. I'm still nutting out the details for Mee a Bee.

It's raining here today so Little Guy has been happily playing with his Lego giving me a chance to sew. Yaye! Technically speaking he's still recuperating after coming down with a cold on Monday. He seems fine apart from a lingering cough.


  1. Very cute Jacqui!

    You could always do party pouches that the birthday girl gives out to her party guests too??

  2. They're cute as Jacqui! I love the idea of giving out the little pouches as gifts too. xx

  3. Very cute! They're so pretty. As for poor Little Guy grapes are supposed to be good for a cough! x

  4. Thank you so much! Would you believe they only took me about half an hour to make? and were just an idea pulled out of thin air? Really just for my friend, but once I saw how cute they looked my brain started ticking.
    I'll keep you posted!

    and thank you Lilly, grapes, will try!


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