London, the historical city

I love watching the fashion pages, seeing the new trends evolve. For this coming season I have noticed a lot of black, white and neutrals like grey, even for kids. I have three new bags which will just make the outfit! It's so nice to depart from the more typical blues, greens and oranges for boys, although I still have a fair bit of that in my shop. There's something for everyone.

Each of these bags is printed with iconic symbols of London. It's hard to say which I like best, the black and white Victoriana-inspired buses, street signs and minis or the simpler Buckingham Palace guards, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. Which do you like for your boys?

1. London Underground Messenger Bag
2. London Bus Messenger Bag
3. London Double Decker Bus Messenger Bag


  1. I love London, having lived there for a few years. Your bags have brought back memories. lovely

  2. yes, you are right it will bring back memories.


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