Oh dear - Disaster at Chatty Cafe - Need a calendar

So it's Thursday morning. Little Guy is pottering about with his toys in the lounge and I am in my laundry/studio packing orders. 

We have plans to go to the post office and that's about it so I'm wearing a pair of 3/4 pants that I bought on sale five years ago and a sleeveless top my mum sent me around the same time. My hair is pulled back in a messy ponytail, I'm not wearing any makeup and it's hot so I'm a bit damp.

Can you see where I am going with this?

The doorbell rings and I see two women standing at my gate. I suspect it is representatives of my local church.

I answer the door then realise it's one of my Chatters. She forgot something a few weeks ago so I grab it and head out to the gate. She must've been passing. 

HORROR hits me when I see all four of my lovely Thursday Chatters spilling out of their car! It's CHATTY CAFE and I have forgotten. They quickly read my shocked expression and know something is amiss. I really cannot describe how I felt. 

Thankfully these women are among the loveliest you could ever hope to meet and it all works out. Icecream and a packet of store-bought biscuits wasn't that bad.

So today I am looking at calendars. I'm a sucker for anything inspired by the Pantone color collection. which is why I love this poster-style calendar by Mutant Media.

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  1. Bu*ger! At least you were able to rally. Well done


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