Reading for Little Guy

Little Guy is still not the reader that Biggie was at the same age. He does love books but he took a while to come round to sitting still and listening to a whole story. Of course we didn't give up and really he couldn't be anything but a reader in this house full of books. 

For his birthday Little Guy received a copy of the DVD animated version of Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. They have cleverly taken the original illustrations for about five classic Maurice Sendak stories and animated them. I don't really know how but it's really just like reading the book without having to flip pages. Plus you get the benefit of the VOICES and funky SEVENTIES music. It's been a huge hit with both boys.

Little Guy was particularly taken with the story "In the Night Kitchen". I knew I had seen it at our library so I planned a secret expedition there last Saturday, just Little Guy and I, while Biggie was at his club. We had such fun. I had not been to the library in ages. (Little Guy goes almost every Sunday with his dad who lets him borrow absolute rubbish).

I think this might be the turning point for Little Guy when it comes to reading. Normally I am reluctant to encourage television watching but I can make an exception when I can see it's a means to an end.

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