Adorable cross-stitch kits

japanese cross-stitch kit
This week my grocery-delivery pamphlet had an extra craft supplement. I fell in love with these wonderful cross-stitch craft kits.

Each month from October through to March you receive two little cross-stitch kits to do. Once complete it can then be mounted in the plastic frame to be displayed as shown or even used as a coaster. Aren't they adorable?

I have not tried cross-stitch but I do enjoy tapestry. I think this type of crafting would be very therapeutic and restful during the cold months of winter (as soon as I am finished my manic sewing-bags-for-Christmas schedule).

I didn't order them since I don't really have the time or a use for them. Now prepare yourself for a cuteness overload, they are made by this company: NekoJiroTV (all in Japanese).

These are the titles of each.
October - Tea Time
November - Garden
December - Handmade
January - Kitchen
February - Dressing Room
March - Flower


  1. I would love to try cross stitch this winter! I agree, it seems like a relaxing thing to do by the fireplace on a cold day. These are adorable!

  2. OMG, i totally, TOTALLY NEED those!! *cries*

    so pretty!

  3. Oh you should see the cross stitch I am in the throes of preparing to stitch! 181 colours!! I am so looking forward to it.

    I am happy to teach you how anytime. Mind you I doubt you need teaching.

    I also have a small kit you may like to try....


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