An afternoon at the flicks

Noodle came home from school with a coupon for a special movie showing at the town hall. It was five animated short films. He really wanted to go. His classmate had said he was hoping to go as well so I offered to pick him up to go together. The next day Noodle came home with the news that his friend wasn't able to go. Nobody from his class was going ... so I suggested he jump the fence and ask our neighbor. We found out yesterday he could go so Noodle was terribly excited.

We arrived in plenty of time and got the tickets. I was planning to just drop them off but the man said I could go in to get them seated. That was kind. 

Little Guy and I went off but ended up back at the hall a bit early. We waited around for a while then the kind man told us we could go into the theater to watch! Little Guy got to see ten minutes of Super Mario Brothers (I think?) on the big screen - his first time in a "movie theater" - it was just enough and he is over the moon about having been to a real movie.

Noodle is pretty chuffed too for organizing the whole outing and going to a film on his own.

I am happy too that my kids got to experience something normal and that we didn't have to endure the long afternoon at home which is usually dominated by them fighting. All in all a good day!

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