Christmas Present Idea: Orchard Toys for Preschoolers

Christmas isn't far away and I've been thinking about what I'll get and/or make for the kids.
I bought this game for Little Guy last year, when he was three and a half. He could play it but he had a very short attention span so he didn't seem to enjoy it or want to stick with it. I was happy to discover him playing it this morning, by himself, with the CD turned on and all the pieces in the right place.
Ages: 3-6

Players: 2-4
Listen and match farm sounds
Play the CD and try to identify the fun farmyard sounds as you race to be the first to stand your scarecrow in the field.
by Orchard Toys


  1. K got some nice jigsaw puzzles by Orchard Toys for his second birthday. I enjoyed looking at the little catalogue that came with them and made a mental note of the company name. The other day I mentioned Orchard Toys to my mum, in case she ever needed ideas for presents for K, hint hint...

  2. Oooh, this is the second things from Orchard Toys that you have introduced for me to covet. Do you just order direct from the website?

  3. Medea, I have bought them in the past from New Zealand and also from the Bornelund shop. I found a link for you:

    I searched for オーチャードトイ and found quite a few of our favourites. We do love them a lot!

  4. That is one dangerous store... Thanks for the link, I think! ;)

  5. well at least you are shopping in yen and get domestic delivery :) I LOVE that shop but they are pricey.


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