Guest Post: Tania of IndoBay

Tania is another of the wonderful friends I have made via Paper n Stitch. Tania's shop is gorgeous just like Tania herself. I love the simplicity and modern lines of Tania's work as well as her dreamy photography. I've invited Tania to share her creative process with us.
Take it away Tania! and thank you!

Tania, indobay inc.

Jacqui, thank you so much for the opportunity to speak a little about how I create! My designs are created for someone who really appreciates simple, thoughtful reminders of Home. I'm constantly inspired! I love reading blogs, and design magazines but inspiration is so subjective and can strike at anytime and in so many different ways. I am constantly inspired, even by some of the most unlikely things. 

One of my most favorite designs, which happened to be one of my first designs, came about somewhat by accident. 

Tom Dixon's Beat Lighting
I was sitting by my computer and was glancing at a stack of magazines. The cover was a picture of Tom Dixon's Beat Lighting (pictured, left). However, I was looking at the magazine upside down. Upside down I did not see lighting but blooms! Brilliant I thought...this became my "field of blooms" design! (pictured below printed on cloth napkins).

Once I come up with a design the next part of my creative process is figuring out which medium I will use. Most of my designs are block printed, but sometimes I handprint on fabric or wood. I also illustrate on ceramic with ceramic ink. Then it's time to figure out what I will print the design on. Some designs work really well on a pillow cover but not as well on napkins or a mug. I love the entire process and the fact that it gives me permission to play. I really do have the best job! 

Field of Blooms Cloth Napkins

Here are some of my links for you:

** I just love to hear how ideas come about, thanks Tania!
Jacqui, Blooming in Japan.

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  1. Thank you so much Jacqui! It was truly my pleasure to be a guest on your blog.

    with much appreciation,
    Tania :)


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