A lovely inspiration

A few days ago I received the most beautiful note from my friend Claire. She wanted to tell me about a recent project of hers. I visited her blog and found that Claire had done this drawing inspired by me! I still can't believe it and have been going back each day to read Claire's kind words. Here's a snippet "this is how I imagine Jacqui to be a beautiful blossoming tree by the sea in Osaka where she lives."

The whole article and the picture is so touching, really I am beyond words. I hope you'll take a moment to read it on the Claire Ishino blog.

handmade jewelery by Claire Ishino

Claire and I have been online friends for a few of years having met through our Etsy shops. She designs and makes this beautiful jewelery. About two years ago Claire moved back to Australia with her young family (from Japan). We've kept in touch during that time and Claire is another person who I am proud to call my friend even though we have never met.


  1. Thanks Jac, I may have found my sisters Christmas present:)

  2. thanks! I am sure Claire will be happy.

  3. Thanks so much to all! I am quite sure my little sketch is not worthy of your blog post Jacqui but I am looking forward to doing a colour version of this one!(*o*)/


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