October = Sport's Day

Third Grade Dance
Across Japan in late September and early October every school and kindergarten has a sport's day event. It's a huge deal for the kids and they spend weeks practicing for it. 

Today our school had it's big day but as you can see from the ominous sky, we got rained out half way through.

Biggie's grade did a towel dance. I'm still not certain what the theme was but the colourful towels looked pretty. Biggie's towel was blue which I didn't find out until the last minute. 
I was standing in the wrong spot.

We were supposed to have a picnic lunch together in the school grounds. This is also quite a big deal. I noticed some families had ordered huge platters of sushi and bento delivery from fancy places. We had a good old-fashioned home-made Japanese lunch. 

Mr. Mee a Bee made everything you see here: tamago-yaki (egg omelette), steamed vegetables, little cocktail sausages, kara-age (fried chicken)and onigiri (rice balls filled with tuna and mayonnaise). Presentation is important to him, I thought the lemon slices were a nice decorative touch!

As I said we got rained out so we ate our picnic lunch on the living room floor at home. It was lovely!  Wednesday we'll return for part 2 of the Sport's Day - I'm hoping for good weather.


  1. Seriously, I feel we lived parallel lives this morning! Including the 3rd grade dance. Misaki did a dance with towels to a song called "Joyful" from Inazuma Eleven. If it was the same song that is a little scary!

  2. YES! it was that song! I guess the Board of Education feels they have to provide suitable songs and dances as well.

  3. Maybe someone comes up with the dances and sells them. I can't imagine the teachers are that creative!

    We finished our Sports Day today. There were almost no parents there!

  4. Looks fantastic Mr. MeeaBee!

    Kaito did the same song and dance...? Is there some book the teachers use?


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