On Yer Bike

image from Asahi Cycles 
Today Little Guy and I rode to the post office as we usually do. Then, since it was a really nice day, we carried on to the shops, bought lunch and ate at the park. 

On our way home we bumped into our friend V on her new bike. She got the super-stylish red one below a couple of weeks ago. It really is fantastic and I am very envious.

Bikes and cycling is pretty cool these days. It's so eco-conscious and it's good exercise. I found this blog of photographs of people cycling called Cycle Chic. There are tons of links in the side-margins to good cycling related things.

I found out about the Cycle Chic website from iSpyStyle.


  1. I love my bike...I just wish I had the motivation to ride it more often...and that it rained less here in Hobart!

  2. i love the cycle chic site jac, thanks for that!


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