Tyler's friend Oscar

I loved the picture on Mini Must Have last week of Seth and his BlaBla Dog. Seth is my friend Tam's little boy (of Unique Boutique). Take a look, it's adorable. This morning I happened to be taking a photo of a new bag for Tam when Little Guy said he wanted Oscar to be in the picture as well.

Let me tell you about Oscar. He's very dear to us as he was bought by my nana who has since passed away. She bought him for Biggie when he was a baby, almost nine years ago. Biggie never took to Oscar but Little Guy did. They have been inseparable for three years. 

Oscar is gross and ratty, quite smelly and seems to have lipstick on one of his feet. He hates baths and showers although he did once take a swim in our storm water drain and has been left out in the rain once or twice. He packs quite a punch when he is catapulted across the room at your head since he is filled with beans of some sort. He is loved dearly but it's a tough love.

We didn't name him ourselves, he came with his own birth certificate, but he suits his name perfectly.


  1. Oh Jacqui what a gorgeous story behind the treasured little Oscar!
    I would love to share this with MMH readers (with your permission of course).
    And that picture is soooooo adorable!!!

  2. That is so sweet! I love it when little boys have a favorite stuffed animal and Oscar is just perfect!

  3. Very, very cute Jacqui! Your little guy is growing up so much!


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