You can never have too many pairs of shoes?

Little Guy choosing a pair of shoes for Biggie
Shoe shopping with my two has historically been a very stressful outing. These days I'm happy to say it's more manageable. However my kids seem to have a ferocious appetite for shoes.

This past summer I bought them each a nice pair of sandals right at the start of the holidays. In the car on our way to drop Biggie off at camp we realised he was wearing el-cheapo imitation "crocs " which were not allowed at camp. We screamed into the nearest shoe shop where I found them a pair each on sale.

Soon enough the weather was hinting at autumn so I took Little Guy to the Ecco outlet shop in search of some decent leather sneakers. He has terrible stinky feet but a good quality leather in-sole reduces the odour well. Unfortunately they didn't have anything in my price range at Ecco, although they were gorgeous, so we settled for a good pair of sneakers at the sports' shoe shop.

Over the weekend I noticed Biggie stuffing his feet into a bashed up pair of sneakers. He insists they still fit but today I have been to buy him a new pair. I bought the next size up in the brand he always gets. Fingers crossed they fit him comfortably (he was not with us). I always buy Syunsoku sneakers for him, you can read about them here. They're well-made and usually a pretty good price. I like them.

Little Guy took one of the new Robot and Train Messenger Bags for boys for a trial run. 


  1. I still can't work out why show shopping is so stressful! I suppose it is just one of those things! love the new bag x

  2. Very timely! I just went shoe shopping unsuccessfully at the weekend for my son. He went up 2 sizes from May!! I ended up coming home and ordering 2 sizes larger in his normal shoe (Carrot Shoes). Hope they fit, and so do Biggie's new shoes.

  3. They seem to get so delirious at the shoe shop, it's all too exciting? Tyler always wants the horrible Tomica ones. Noah always says they're pinching and he can't decide. he tries on dozens. Happily today's one's fit but he is not 100% sold on the colour I picked. Noah has tiny feet that barely grow. His shoes wear out before he grows out of them. Tyler has huge feet. Off to look at Carrot Shoes, thanks!

  4. Have refused to buy Shunsoku as they are made assymetric to aid running around corners at sports day!

    The damage that does to feet and leg bones will be interesting to see when this generation is 30.

    Having said that there are not many alternatives.


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