Festive Scented Playdough thanks mini-eco

We had a nice quiet day at home today. Just me and Little Guy. Kinda lonely ...
It was beautiful weather but we mooched around inside for most of it.

I spotted this tutorial for homemade playdough on mini-eco and decided it looked so easy I had to try it.

I'm pleased to report that it is SO EASY I made two batches - vanilla (pictured) and later when Noodle came home I made some C H O C O - L A T E dough. YUM! (of course it is not edible).

It takes less than ten minutes to make, including the time to drag the ingredients out of the cupboard. Luckily, I have been a conscientious DIY kind of a mum for years and had actually bought some cream of tartar about five years ago while on a trip to NZ. I had always planned to make playdough... and have several recipes somewhere.

The kids declared it the best thing ever - we played with it all morning and then for about two hours with Noodle. The texture is perfect and of course the scent is wonderful.

The other scent suggestions are cranberry, allspice and marzipan. I'm trying to think what scents would truly evoke warm Christmassy memories for me given that Christmas means summer to me. Maybe strawberry? Or brandy?

I think the thing I miss most from home at Christmas-time is Fruit Mince Tarts. Thanks to mum I have a little stash here. Not for long though, oink oink.


  1. How do you like your fruit tarts??? I have a review on them coming up!! Sooooo excited!!!

    How do Japanese and New Zealand Christmas' differ?? I am sure it'd be very different but I would be interested to know!!!

  2. I love Ernest Adams christmas mince tarts :) or Foodtown ones are nice too. The pastry must be soft and light. The filling not too tart.


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