Fun T Shirts for Kids: apericots

I got this t shirt a few weeks ago and I've been meaning to share the link. If any of these things are important to you then you should take a look at apericots.

Eco friendly, Organic Cotton, 100 percent USDA Certified Cotton, Pesticide Free Cotton, Machine Washable, Hand-printed. Original designs.

Free shipping caught my eye as well as the prices. Not to mention the cute designs. I think Little Guy looks awesome in this deep aubergine purple Fleur de Lis t shirt. He liked the bear one but the one both kids fell in love with was the wolf one. Little Guy thinks it's a werewolf.

What's Little Guy up to in this shot? He's "building" a house from an old blackboard, a broken wooden market umbrella and a piece of rope. He is brandishing a real hammer but it's a very lightweight one which doesn't do too much damage. At four years old he is pretty handy with tools and has taken over his brother's toolbox. It's his accessory of the month, he carries it everywhere.


  1. What a cute shop and I do love that color on him! Hope you are well Jacqui!!

  2. Those t-shirts look nice and a great price too! Your little man looks lovely in the aubergine, nice to branch out from the standard boy colours.


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