Getting Cozy with fleece

This morning we found ourselves at the fabric shop as we often do. There wasn't much in-store that I liked for Mee a Bee but I was rather taken by the cut pieces of fleece. 

Our home is open-plan with wooden floors. We have a lot of windows so it can be cold. Double-glazed windows and thermal-backed curtains help keep the heat in but I love snuggling up with a knee rug. I chose these camel-toned ones as I thought they would be less of an eye-sore than some of our other blankets.

home-made throw rugs - fleece fabric
They were unfinished pieces so I have hemmed them myself. Fleece doesn't fray so it's easy to work with. I folded about an inch down and stitched two rows, for decorative effect. I did both the short ends first, then the two sides. 

My tips - use a nice long stitch, mine was about 3-4mm long. A stretch/knit thread is probably ideal but I did not bother with that. You'll need a nice full bobbin or even two if you have a large piece of fabric and start with a good sharp needle. Try not to pull at the fabric as you stitch as it will stretch and you'll have a wonky side.

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  1. Yes- it's getting chilly here too. I am also looking for some nice fleece. I have a similar dot fabric in so- soft flannel, wondering what to do with it. Hmm...lap blanket?


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