Gift Idea: for a crafty friend

Scandinavian Stitches by Kajsa Wikman, image from

This morning I received an email from a friend who asked if I had seen the Scandinavian Stitches book yet. Had I? NO!!! I'm so thrilled to see Kajsa Wikman of Syko has written and published her own book. Congratulations! I don't know how I missed this news. 

I think this would make a perfect gift, don't you?  It's out-of-stock at The Book Depository (which has free worldwide shipping) but you can sign up to be notified when it's back in or check it out on Amazon.


  1. heehee I have this already ordered! can't wait to get my hands on it!

  2. Thanks for your post about my book (and thanks google alerts for letting me know :) I will do a little blog tour to talk about my book starting November 15th with great chances to win a copy of it! I will post the schedule on my blog in a week or so!


  3. Oh wow! a note from the author herself!! claim to fame!

    Kajsa - years ago I bought a set of your postcards. I have had one stuck on my desk here since then.

  4. You know, I think I saw this book in Iceland on a recent trip there, and loved it (though it was very expensive there). I didn't put two and two together that it was Syko, which is an etsy shop that was one of my original favorites. I bet this is a beautiful book.

  5. yes, Molly, I am SURE it's fabulous. Syko was one of my early favourites on Etsy too!!

    Your trip to Iceland sounded magical. since I read your blog about it I've been obsessing over BlaFre!


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