How green is your home? or small business?

One of the things that has always been important to me at Mee a Bee is the use of environmentally friendly products, safe products and non-toxic products.

When I started Mee a Bee three years ago a "hot" topic was that of the poisoned toothpaste from China. The following year another story emerged about tainted baby formula. There have been many heartbreaking stories over the years and people have become fearful and mistrusting. And rightfully so.

I decided that I would only use materials that are made in Japan. A lot of my suppliers have accreditation for being mindful of earth's resources and have made great efforts to reduce or eliminate the use of dangerous chemicals in their manufacturing processes. Still for me, being essentially a non-Japanese speaker, it's very hard to get to the bottom of these issues in the products I use. I work at it though.

On a related topic, this evening I have been looking for a simple checklist that I could go through for Mee a  Bee to see how I'm doing on the 'green' front. I'm happy to say we are quite conscientious about switching off lights, only heating or cooling rooms we're using, recycling where possible, avoiding the use of our cars when the bicycles or public transport can be taken - the things we now consider the basics, right?

Green Living seems like a good resource that I intend reading more.

I was rapt to find simple green at my local hardware store today. I have only just run out of it after using the same bottle for years and years. Don't worry I do clean! it's a concentrate that you dilute.

Got any green tips for me?

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  1. baking soda -I use it for cleaning everything, nearly!
    soda water (the stuff you put in your drinks) in a spray bottle and a rag clean windows and mirrors better than any other cleaner I have ever used. First time takes a couple of scrubs especially if you used a chemical cleaner before.


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