Mini Drama: an evening at the movies

This could be a regular column - mini dramas happen to me a LOT! Here's today's installment.

You probably don't know but I am a HUGE Twilight fan. Maybe it's not the world's best kept secret, I see it's on my blog a fair bit.  When I heard that Eclipse was coming out November 6th, I was over the moon.

I am so mad, my local theatre is only showing the dubbed version (Japanese voice-over instead of subtitles). I can't imagine the torture of watching and listening to Edward and Bella mumble sweet nothings to each other in that loathsome language so I searched for the subtitle version.

Now bear in mind that I speak and read very little Japanese so I rely on "copy and paste" searching through Google Translate. Long story short, I found a theatre within driving distance but four small cities away. Google Maps helped with the directions. Isn't Google the best?

Now this surely will not come as a surprise - I DID get lost. A right turn instead of a left turn had me drive about ten kilometres in the wrong direction. I was really determined to see this film on opening night so I carried on and eventually found the theatre. Yaye!

We're not out of the woods yet. Once inside the gargantuan mall I could not find the theatre. I spent a maddening half hour wandering around the blue section, the yellow section and the green section until I eventually found the right elevator tower to take me to the theatre.

Then I realised that my car was parked in the wrong tower and that chances were pretty high I would not be able to get back to it when the film finished at midnight since the mall would be closed. I moved the car and got back to the theatre with two minutes to spare.

The film was good, not as good as the first one, in my opinion, but I did enjoy it.
Did anyone notice I was a Nigel-no-friends? there alone? who cares!

11.30pm: the film finished. It took 10 minutes just to drive out of the mall parking building, up and down ramps, along strange tunnels. All I could read of the signs was '26' which was the route number I needed.

I finally got onto the highway and somehow got off almost immediately - in the middle of nowhere. Truly a black deserted street with no street lights. And a lot of 'hourly rate motels' around. My doors were locked.

Now you know what's going to happen next? I panic that I am running low on gas. A couple of u-turns and I find a 24 hour self-serve gas station. I despise filling my car and you know why? I can never get the pump to click onto the car and somehow gas squirts out all over the side of the car. Isn't there supposed to be a sensor on the nozzle??

By this time it's after midnight and I am glad that I grabbed a can of coffee before I left. I eventually get onto a highway that looks promising. I am incredibly relieved when I see the airport symbol as that's my direction.

I'm normally up this late anyway but the journey was quite draining emotionally. I got back at 12.30am, exhausted. What a very long hour it was.

I've skipped small details like turning the wrong way onto a one-way ramp in the carpark, several u-turns, being busting to go to the toilet, having to forfeit my validated car-parking ticket when I moved the car, worrying that I won't have enough cash to pay for petrol and road-tolls and even seriously contemplating having to sleep in the car until daylight!

So how was your evening?


  1. Oh my goodness, I have to say, you are a brave woman! And a great Eclipse fan! LoL

  2. I only just read this, and had to say I had a little giggle reading this, the things we do..I'm sure at the time it wasn't funny but glad you made it home safe and sound! I like Twilight but have to say I'm more a fan of TrueBlood ;-)

  3. Lol. I know I shouldn't laugh but I've been there done that myself. I am directionally impaired. I am glad you got to see it for yourself, and in English!


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