Noodle's Ninth Birthday

Dad has gone home to New Zealand so I am looking back over the photos remembering all the fun things we did. One of the highlights was Noodle's ninth birthday. Noodle is lucky in a sense as his birthday is the day after a public holiday. We always have that day to spend as a family and celebrate Noodle's special day. This year it was PERFECT as we had Grandad here to jolly things up.

The weather wasn't fabulous but we wanted to something outdoorsy. I had a bunch of brochures about our area and one caught our attention. It was a mountainside resort type of place with hiking, BBQ, hot spring bath and mini golf. All within half an hour of our home! 

The place was a bit of a joke - run-down and derelict, quite deserted and very sad. We wandered around the muddy field and stumbled upon the "mini golf". It was really very funny as they had a mini golf course on the side of the mountain. Both my dad and my husband are keen golfers so they were up for the challenge.

Here's Little Guy's best shot.

Little Guy almost gets a hole-in-one on the first hole

I stayed down the bottom out of the mud and off the slippery slope. I am not sure who won actually but they LOVED it!

We spent the morning mucking around in the woods then came home for a BBQ. It was too cold to eat outside but we still got to enjoy yummy marinated steaks and fresh vegetables.

Noodle got tons of really cool presents (thanks everyone!) and we had a huge green (Ben10 coloured) chocolate cake. 

It was a really good day where Noodle got to call the shots and spend time with the people he loves most.

And now I am the mother of a nine year old!!

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  1. Congratulations Jacqui, and (a late) happy birthday to Noah. Where do the years go? I am finding it hard to believe I am the mother of a big four year old...


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