Perfect Autumn Weather: Cycling weather

LOOK at the blue sky we have today in Osaka. It's gorgeous. After what has felt like weeks of overcast days, howling winds and cold nights. 

I'm here pottering around, doing housework, eating chips and chocolate biscuits. I finally managed to photograph a new bag that I made with my husband in mind. Do you remember my dad's one? It was a different colour.

It's perfect cycling weather. Noodle and Mr. Mee a Bee are home as it's a public holiday. BUT Noodle's bike has a puncture!

Every weekend my husband takes our two boys out adventuring. Their top places to go are the library, the park, the pet shop, the hardware shop, the zoo and the Tomica shop. Most of these places are within cycling distance of our home. Today they are at the kindergarten craft fair. The kindy is right across the road from the library so that was their first stop.

When they're going further afield Mr. Mee a Bee will pack a bag. Drinks. Sunscreen. Insect Repellent. Hats. Spare clothes for Little Guy. A book. Mr. Mee a Bee has no qualms about taking one of my many floral tote bags but I think a lot of men would cringe at the thought especially when they're out without the mother of the children! What do you think?

Mee a Bee bicycle tote bag.


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