Scandinavian Influence - my Etsy Finds for OhMyHandmade Goodness

My father is due in less than two weeks so we're in a mad panic trying to get ready for his arrival. Cleaning. Tossing. Re-arranging. Shopping.

We went to Ikea. We went back to Ikea. Bought and returned.
The Nitori catalogue came. We were excited. Then not.

This is what I have concluded about Ikea and Nitori. If you are tall then shop at Ikea. If you are height-challenged then shop at Nitori. If you are in-between then you are stuffed (me).

We'll make do with what we have but I am dreaming of buying all of these things I found on Etsy. My decorating brief is minimal chic with the essence of Scandinavia thrown in.

This post will also appear this month on Oh My! Handmade Goodness. Visit me over there!

Picture one, top: 1. my favourite Dala horses appear in this cute print by PrettyMod. 2. If you love little critters then you'll love MapleShadeKids 3. Fabulous handmade clock from uncommon (check out their wooden chandeliers!) 4. M is for magazines, even my kids have them overflowing off their shelves. this one comes in a few colours from paperdollwoodshop. 5. I simply can't pick a favourite from helkatdesign, can you? 6. This would be a splurge item but I just love the colour, OCB Design, Hamlin Lounge Chair.

Picture two, bottom: 1. handmade lampshade and hand-printed fabric from Helen Rawlinson, 2. these dolls really make me smile, from HappyDoodleLand. 3. You had me at Marimekko, doorstop from I Just Love That Fabric. 4. He's organic! from my dear friend JoJoEbi, Viktor the Viking. 5. I've been a bit crazy about these giant floor cushions from Mookah for ages. 6. And equally obsessed with everything from RoddyandGinger. 7. Gorgeous handmade baby blanket (or knee rug!) from EucalyptusCreations.


  1. Nice work!
    I love the Maple Shade Kids stuff. I've just favourited them on Etsy.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Roddy & Ginger - how fantastic are their designs! (I have just learnt they are having a giveaway over at their blog too!)

  3. thank you Jac! and in such company too :o)
    A great day made even better!

  4. thank-you so much for including my cushions here!

  5. I'm so happy with how this is working out. I love every single thing I have picked and I am happy so many people are discovering new things!

    Of course I raced over to the Roddy and Ginger giveaway!!!


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