Thanks Petit Eco KIDS - gift guide feature for Mee a Bee (and kltworks)!!

Mee a Bee toddler's messenger bags are pretty popular around this time of year and make many star appearances in curated gift guides. 

One of my favourites is this one by Flavia of Petit Eco Kids. She's picked out the very best attributes of my bags - they're handmade and they have a lot of eco-friendly qualities.

Mee a Bee bags are natural cotton and linen; linen made from hemp (a highly sustainable resource); oeko-tex standard 100 approved threads by Fujix; low-impact dying and chemical processing by the fabric designers. 

I also like to point out the safety of the materials used which are non-toxic, contain no lead (no metal), no phthalates (no soft plastics), and the straps are dyed and treated without formaldehyde. 

I also like to think my manufacturing techniques are low-impact on the environment. I sew in small batches. I buy local where possible. Almost everything I buy for the business was made in Japan - all of the fabrics are made in Japan. I recycle and use recycled paper office supplies. I ride my bike to the post office and often the fabric shop too.

There are two exceptions to the Made in Japan rule that I apply to Mee a Bee.
I love Moo cards and use them as my swing tags and business cards. To overcome the fact that they are made abroad I order them in bulk, a few hundred at a time, to cut down on unreasonable transportation. 
I get my sew-in labels made for me in Hong Kong or Thailand. As yet I have not found a reasonable supplier locally. I also buy in bulk, about once a year.

To find out more about Petit Eco Kids click the new link I've added to the sidebar or to learn more about the products featured visit the post here

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  1. Great thanks to sharing....
    It is important that you take good care in making the best use of recycled paper and the best decision to make the planet a safe place to live in.
    Eco Friendly Printing


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