What do your favourites say about you?

One of the features that I really love on Etsy is the ability to add a heart to favourite items or favourite shops. When you view a member's profile you can view their favourites, unless they've opted to keep them private. What do mine say about me? I love smokey blue/gray and teal. I seem to like things for kids. I could never have enough wall space for all the prints I would like to own. I have a fascination with water and sea creatures.


  1. I love looking at other peoples favourites, etsy is so vast that someone may have picked your favourite item! x

  2. I too love looking at other people's Etsy favourites! Mine would say a lot about my obsession with vintage paint by numbers at the moment. And I totally agree...I'd never have enough wall space for all the prints I want either. ;)

  3. Thanks for popping in you two! I would love to see your faves!


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