Christmas is so near!

Are you excited about Christmas? We are! Here at Mee a Bee HQ we have a rule - no tree until after the birthdays. Well as I approach the big FOUR OH I don't feel as fussed about my birthday as I used to. So I decided to abandon the "rule" and put the tree up last Friday (exactly one week before my big day, which is tomorrow and is still thankfully a birthday in my thirties).

Little Guy and I have had an amazing week doing all things Christmassy. We started last week with some present shopping for Noodle and Mr. Mee a Bee.  Little Guy has done superbly so far and kept all the presents a surprise. Isn't that great? He finally gets what Christmas is all about!

On Saturday morning we had to go to the mall again so we made the most of it and went ornament shopping. We found that most shops are "over" Christmas (already!) so all the decorations were on sale. We went a bit crazy at two shops, Franc Franc and One's Bazaar. We had a Christmas treat at Starbucks. We really just loved being out in the crisp wintery air, listening to the carols and admiring all the beautifully decorated trees in the shops. We topped off a fun morning by picking up pine cones on our way home.

We went to our first (and maybe only) Christmas party on Monday. We had a really lovely time with some old and some new friends which really put me in the Christmas spirit. I actually came home and tried to download some Christmas carols to itunes (unsuccessfully I might add, any recommendations?)

A few of the days this week were very cold so we rented some DVDs. I got The Polar Express for the kids which we will watch together tomorrow night. None of us has seen it but I have heard great reviews.

Our postman has been busy. We have received several cards which I have hung from a ribbon with some cute tiny wooden pegs. Our decorations from klt:works arrived and they are perfect! I got a gorgeous felt banner kit at from soul. My kettle gave up the ghost so I am now the proud owner of a sleek new Russell Hobbs one.

This afternoon we hit the shops again. I wanted to check out a few things at Muji. I didn't get any of the things I was planning to look at but I got a few more stocking stuffers for the kids. Mr. Mee a Bee is being treated to a gorgeous-smelling organic face cream after Little Guy and I got a bit hooked on their Shea Butter hand cream. I might sneak some to see if it's any good for my sensitive skin ;)

Our last stop was Kaldi, the imported food shop. Christmas is quite depressing when you don't have any family around and most people are at work so we're making it BIG with lots of presents, decorations and FOOD. I got chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate to hide under the tree.

As you can see I've thrown all caution to the wind, abandoned my budget (what's new?) and really let loose. I've been feeling downright festive and that's what this time of year is all about.

My next stop is real food. What to have? Two weeks to go!


  1. Happy Birthday Jacqui!!! At first I thought you said you were turning 40 and I could not, for one minute believe that! I hope you had a fabulous day and week!

  2. oh thanks!! but only another one year! 39 this time!!


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