Getting Crafty in the Garden: homemade wreath

It had been my plan for some weeks to attempt to make a Christmas wreath. We have a very overgrown Christmas holly bush and three towering pine trees in our garden. Dad offered to prune them but I told him I was saving them for my special project. Here is the finished result:

I bought a circular wire frame and some green floral wire. I attached each piece of branch separately, overlapping and all in one direction. It was very prickly and there were a few hairy caterpillars! but it didn't take long to do.

I wasn't sure how I would hang it from my front door. I tried a few ideas and in the end the wire coat hanger was the only thing that worked - even if it looks a bit funny. Our door is high and the wreath is at eye level so I don't think it's immediately obvious. I am expecting a few visitors this week so we'll see if they notice!

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  1. Gorgeous , Jacqui! So much nicer than the artificial wreath we have on our door - courtesy of the Ware Whare a few years ago...

    I have made a Christmas cake this year though, which I am dribbling brandy over every week, so it should be good!


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