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Have you heard about new Lego Board Games? Noodle got this one for his birthday but shhhh .. here's Little Guy and I playing it while Noodle was at school.

We are huge Lego fans, everyone knows that. When we heard that board games were coming out we were itching to get one. This one is very simple. Robot Champ centers around a contest at the Robot Factory. The first one to complete their robot wins.

The comes with a special buildable Lego dice which is rolled to tell you which piece you can use and where you can get it from - from the pile, stolen from a competing player or swapped. The set contains all the pieces you need to build three robots as well as the instructions for how to do that.

Even if you only have one person you can still have fun making the robots. Little Guy is four and a half and he can kind of follow the instructions to make the robots but is not so good at following the rules to actually play the game. It is recommended for 6 - 10 year olds for that reason I guess.

Great stocking stuffer!

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