Merry Christmas! a recap

Friday night (Christmas Eve) - the kids had already gone to bed and I realized it was now or never to get the stockings finished. The kids were (only slightly) impressed when they woke up in the morning but they did love the Terry's chocolate oranges I had stuffed in the toes.

Our Christmas Day was really lovely. It was really cold and we even had a smattering of snow. But on the whole it was sunny. The kids played outside as much as they could.

We started the day early, opening the stockings before Mr. Mee a Bee left for work at 6.30am. Both of the kids got exactly what they wanted.

After Mr Mee a Bee left the boys and I had a lovely cooked breakfast (scrambled eggs and smoked salmon!). We spent a leisurely morning opening the presents that had come from New Zealand. More wishes fulfilled! Thanks everyone!

I spent the afternoon pottering around in the kitchen. I had loads of time to get our Christmas dinner ready. I even had time to find and try two new recipes. The biggest hit, in my opinion, was a wonderful old-fashioned pudding that I made for the first time. It was divine. I'll share it with you if I make it again (Edmonds, Queen of Puddings, similar to this recipe). Our pork was a bit tough unfortunately so I will have to find a different recipe for next time. It was still yummy though!

Mr. Mee a Bee managed to come home early so we were able to eat at about six. We finished the day with dessert and the last presents. I really enjoyed the staggered present opening as we really got to see what was what without the frenzied ripping opening of parcels we might have had.

Merry Christmas from Us! (one of the few photos that I am in)

Boxing Day, everything had returned to normal except the kids have tons of new toys. It's hard to say what their favourites are but they are both very happy. I hit the gym with a vengeance after seeing my double chin in the photo above! We feasted on leftovers which may be part of the problem! Last night I started packing away the Christmas decorations. We'll decorate for New Year's over the next few days, stay tuned.

Merry Christmas from the Miyabayashi Family in Japan!

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