Oh so cute! Make It Perfect picks me as a December Cool Shop

Make It Perfect
One of the things I love most about making bags for children is actually seeing them on real live kids. This picture was sent to me this morning by Toni as part of a review for her website Make It Perfect

Mee a Bee was picked as one of December's COOL SHOPS which is a real honour. Toni sews herself, is a recently published author and generally does amazing things. It's wonderful to be recognised by someone else in the field. 

Here's what Toni said about my sewing " was very impressed with the workmanship of the bag, it is impeccable and definitley does not look as though it was handmade.

Isn't that great!! Thank you Toni!

Toni's little girl Lil squealed in delight when she opened her package. Her bag has already been to playgroup, church and the shops. She's just adorable isn't she?

Thanks again Toni for the honour of being a December Cool Shop! Welcome to Mee a Bee readers of Make It Perfect! 

Use the code SAVE10 until December 31st for 10% off at MeeaBee.com (Australian dollars) and MeeaBee.etsy.com (US dollars).

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