Our stocking stuffers

Muji Magnetic Space Shuttle Toy

Now that I am finished the bulk of my sewing for the year I am free to really focus on Christmas for my kids.

We're really enjoying the preparations. I think it's the first Christmas that we've really gotten into for a while. Last year we were in New Zealand so we didn't do anything here at home. The year before I still had a very mischievous two year old on my hands and the year before that we spent Christmas week in Guam (which was  a nightmare in itself).

So I'm going all out with decorations, presents and food.

Noodle is really into soccer / football at the moment so I have bought him a few soccer-related gifts - some soccer skill cards (like flashcards that teach one ball skill at a time), some chopsticks for school lunch and a few stationery items.

In his Santa sack he will find this: (from Muji). I think it'll be fun on Christmas morning!
Muji Football Bowling in a Bag

Little Guy wrote a letter to Santa and then put it somewhere but he did tell me he's asked for a rocket. I think he'll enjoy the Muji space shuttle and rocket I got. They click together with magnets.

Now I just have to finish their stockings!


  1. Oh Jacqui! How much was that rocket and shuttle? Luke would love those. I tried to find them on Muji's US site but couldn't. I would happily send you money through paypal to order that for me.

  2. Oh wow that Rocket shop is soo cute!!!


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