Party Bags - a new idea!

It's my niece's birthday tomorrow so I wanted to make something a little bit cute and a little bit special for her. I ended up making a bag and buying a fabulous set of Sylvanian Families creatures for her. It's my indulgence - shopping in the pink department of Toys R Us.

I looked at my fabric supplies and found I had a small pile of very special printed cottons. I mainly sew with linen blends these days but I am a sucker for all kinds of fabrics especially of the pink variety. To put all of these lovely prints to use I came up with the four-in-one bag. 

This tiny party bag features FOUR delightful fabrics, one on each side. 

You can see all of the four fabrics in the main picture. 

Side one - piggy goes to rabbit's party in the woods.
Flip it! Welcome to Pink Town! cats, bears and rabbits go about their daily business in a charming little pink village.
Reverse it! - a pretty patchwork of strawberries, polka dots and daisies.
Flip it! - teddy bears' picnic on a gorgeous bright pink check cloth.

Depending on how you choose to wear it you have a different bag every time! I've listed five of these little bags (all identical) in my shop. 

$15.00 each plus FREE SHIPPING this week.

and Happy Birthday Emily!

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