Swimming for Mummy's birthday

 In our family we love 'theme' presents. This year's theme for my birthday was swimming. I asked the boys to get me a new sport's bag and a swimming cap. I swim once a week in the Master's Club and do aqua-aerobics once or twice a week so if I go out it's usually with the farewell "I'm off to the pools!".

Noddle did this picture for me to go with the other presents. I LOVE it since he has included so many small details - my black and pink floral swimsuit, my huge whale-like form in the water - carefully keeping my legs out of sight, the cap and goggles, my smile and the lane marker. I also really like the writing and especially the spelling which is all correct.

I've had a perfect birthday, thank you everyone! I've had millions of emails, several phone calls, lunch out with a friend, beautifully behaved children and Mr. Mee a Bee arrived home at a reasonable hour. Plus I got tons of really excellent presents, thank you! Oh, and a bouquet of pink dahlias arrived about an hour ago.


  1. Happy Birthday Jacqui! Glad you are having a lovely birthday!:D

  2. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a lovely day and that picture is just great!

  3. Happy Birthday Jacqui! Sound s like you had a great day :-)
    We are off to Eleanor's first ballet recital today - she is a 'baby pavlova'! The show has a kiwiana theme.

  4. Thanks you three! I did have a really great day.

    Cathy, that sounds adorable!

  5. Glad to see you had such a super birthday Jacadamia. Good stuff. xxx


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