We're Eating: Christmas Cocktail Party

This evening we convinced our friend V to return to the mad-house for a meal. This time we had a cocktail party! Well actually there were no cocktails but I did find a bottle of not bad Argentinean red wine at the local supermarket.

For evening drinks I think finger food is appropriate so we had mini-spring rolls with sweet chilli dipping sauce; Camembert and sliced kiwi fruit; sliced ham with fresh mango; avocado dip (aka guacamole); chicken nuggets, cocktail sausages and chips (for the kids); vol au vents (puffed pastry) and a cheese with dried fruit. It was basically a put-together menu based on what I could grab at the little supermarket down the road. I was aiming for things I could assemble simply.

We had planned to take a stroll and admire the Christmas lights in our neighbourhood but the kids were exceptionally tired (it's been an exciting week) so we took a raincheck on that plan. We don't often entertain at night so it was a real treat to have a guest.

Our party music was provided by iTunes. We downloaded The Very Best Christmas Selection - 100 All Time Season Favourites. It's a great mix of oldies. We had a great time trying to pick the artist - Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, all well before our time but I think we got most of them right. Can't go wrong with the classics!

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