We're Writing: Christmas and New Years Cards

On Tuesday, Noodle, Little Guy and I went to the mall for lunch. Noodle finished school early and we had no food in the house so it seemed like a good chance to do something. At Noodle's request we spent quite a while choosing New Year's cards. He told me he wanted to send some to his own friends this year. I'm all for encouraging his blossoming friendships and any opportunity that gets him writing is too good to pass up.

It cost me an arm and a leg but we did get some really cute cards. The great thing about nenga-jo (Japanese New Year Cards) is that they are pre-printed with postage included so you don't need to queue up at the post office for stamps. Very clever.

I've spent the evening writing out mine. I feel so frustrated that from year to year I never seem to have all of the components of everyone's address written in my book. Why is that? Luckily Mr. Mee a Bee doesn't seem to mind reading the Japanese for me and translating. As soon as I have finished this blog I am going to update my address book with all the post codes I've just been looking up online (I promise).

I have received a lot of beautiful Christmas cards this year and also some lovely newsy yearly summary emails. I had big plans to do a newsletter this year but somehow it hasn't happened.

I am sending quite a few late Christmas greeting cards to my wonderful overseas friends. For those who miss out I might just send an e-card from Fossil (pictured). Found via Creature Comforts.

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