Back to School - Term 3

Noodle is finally back at school today after what seems like a fairly decent break for Christmas and New Year. It went quite slowly so we are all well-rested and happy. The kids DID NOT FIGHT during the holidays which was wonderful. I hope we've turned the corner on their pointless bickering for good.

Little Guy and I had some errands to run today. We zipped here, there and everywhere so by 10.30 we were in need of refreshments. Finding ourselves outside Tullys (coffee shop) we had a perfectly lovely coffee and chat, just the two of us. It was so nice.

Earlier this morning my heart starting racing and my eyes teared up at the thought of Little Guy soon being away from me all day. I have waited for the day when kindergarten would start so eagerly. Now it's finally here I'm getting cold feet. Now that he's actually not bad company!

The sale went extremely well at Mee a Bee. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, bought bags, told their friends and blogged about it. I am extremely grateful and full of optimism about the upcoming year. The future looks bright for Mee a Bee. I'm exactly where I wanted to be: Little Guy will be at kindergarten, Noodle will be at school and I have my own business! No need to seek a part-time job as was threatened by Mr. Mee a Bee five years ago when discussing my status as a housewife with kids in school.

We rewarded ourselves for the busy weekend of orders, emailing and sewing with a bunch of gorgeous bright yellow and orange flowers. I hope you've had a good start to the week!

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  1. That is brilliant Jacqui! I am currently trying to avoid the threatened part time job! Now I know it can be done and I am motivated :D


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