Boredom Buster: Hacky Sack Darts

This morning I noticed the call out for ideas on Mini Eco to beat boredom with little kids when the weather is miserable.

During the holidays I "made" this dart board for the kids. We have tons of hacky sacks that I "let" the kids throw around inside. Half of them are perched stuck on top of the air-conditioning units or the pendant lights but we still have two or three in action.

I think I should have done the numbering the other way but it was a very rushed job when I was at my wits end with the two cabin-fever struck kids.

My hacky sacks came free with bottles of Pepsi years ago but you can easily make your own with old socks, like here.

Do you like Little Guy's funny pjs? He's in love with these as he likes being a real live polar bear. They're fleecy.


  1. Fun! & yes... those pajamas are great! Wish I had a pair. :)

  2. Hi Jacqui, Cool little game. I reckon it would look ace if you made one in fabric and put some velcro on the little beanbag things? Don't you reckon?? Must try it sometime :) Very cute pj's. They should make them in adult size I reckon. Grown up pj's far too boring


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