Happy New Year! Crafts with Boys

Wow! It's a new year! I wish you a big hearty happy one on this fine day!

We've had a really busy week. It's been bitterly cold, windy and rainy so we've made the most of it by doing craft projects.

It's generally accepted that doing crafty stuff with boys is hard. Noodle is a craft wizard and has always loved doing this kind of stuff.

Little Guy has been slow to come to the table. We still have to be prepared for any eventuality with him but he's really getting into it. Luckily Noodle has a lot of old craft kits and my family send them often as well. We have plenty to choose from.

Crafts are a great way to encourage small motor skills which will lead to writing skills down the line. Little Guy hasn't got the longest attention span so he needs something to really draw him in if we're to have any hope. Creative expression and a sense of accomplishment are all great things too.

Here are a few of our bits from the week (including my stockings which I am so proud of).

Little Guy painting with water colors - I tape the paper to the table with masking tape - it stops it slipping and then if they paint right to the edge you still have a nice white border for framing or it just looks nice! Our friend Joe the Gardener gave us this great tip - he's an artist who moonlights as a gardener.

T4 the super hero - he got this Make your Own Super Hero cape for Christmas, it's just one of the fabulous kits we've gotten from Seedling.

The "stained glass" picture is Noodle's from school. It's actually shiny foil and very cool.

The alligator is also Noodles - he did all the sewing himself. It was another kit, lots of fun.

Foam robot - a really neat kit to put together. Little Guy did the pasting and I did the snapping together.

Embellished cardboard rockets - we did that this morning! Starting the year off crafty!

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