The long-awaited .... BACKPACK

Many times over the years lovely people have asked me about backpacks. Especially for kindergarten backpacks seem popular.  I know from searching myself that there is not much around if you are not a fan of Dora, Diego, Thomas or the Wiggles (which we are in small doses occasionally).

So when a customer of mine emailed me last weekend about a backpack for kinder I decided to tackle it with renewed vigour.

The backpack may look simple but on closer examination you'll see a lot of extra 'hardware', buckles, zips and clasps. You will find that backpacks are usually 'pieced' to define the shape.

 I spent a few hours on Sunday just sitting and visualising how I would overcome some of the logistical difficulties and finally came up with a very workable solution. Here's Little Guy giving the mock-up a test-run. As you can see it's got Mee a Bee written all over it - plain canvas base, lovely soft acrylic straps and fantastic printed flap (that's not sewn in the picture, just clipped on to test for size).

The kids have been sick this week, both of them housebound so it's been the perfect opportunity to sew a little each afternoon while they napped or watched television. For the record, I am THIS close to never wanting to watch The Polar Express ever again! Actually, that's wrong, what I would like to do is eliminate from the world any children singing Christmas carols. That aside, I am pleased to report that Noodle seems 95% recovered and will return to school tomorrow after almost seven days of illness.

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  1. It sounds good, but will have to see the final outcome so I will know if it looks good, I am not much of a sewing person and I can't really picture it very well in my mind. I hope that I will see photos of it next week. Thanks!


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