More fun than you can shake a stick at

We have some funny sayings in New Zealand. I am sure most of them originate from the UK but some I am not sure. Like this one: more fun than you can shake a stick at. It sprang to mind this morning when I enlisted Little Guy's help with a mini-photo shoot.

In the space of 15 minutes I have about a hundred shots of him waving this stick around, throwing the stick, jumping down from high places, picking up stones and rocks, riding a tricycle that he has outgrown, kicking a large boulder, sliding down a dirt slope, yawning and sighing loudly and creeping through wild grass looking for snakes. BOYS! they are such busy wee creatures!

How about this saying: That'll put hair on your chest.  (Said to Noodle after he discovered I had put pepper in something). A conversation ensued as to how I knew that Daddy (Mr. Mee a Bee) has hair on his chest. Hmmm, how do I know that?
Says Noodle: Oh, right! You've seen him at the pools!
Me: Yes, that's right!


  1. The last comments nearly had me hyperventilate with laughter!

  2. Oh, his comment is so cute! Of course... the pool!


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