Nostalgic, for holidays done right

Valentine's Day is coming soon and I am remembering those awkward early teen years when I sent "anonymous" cards to boys I was sweet on. Really how anonymous were they?

Here in Japan Valentine's Day has been heartily embraced with a nasty twist. The array of chocolate available is quite simply amazing but MEN are the only recipients of it. There's another poxy half-hearted attempt at reciprocity in March but it's been my experience that men could give a toss about it. So we women luck out.

Oh I wish they'd get it right sometimes.

I've fallen in love with a beautiful website called NOSTALGIA (found via Eat Drink Chic). It's typical for me to really nosey around when I find a page I love so I was happy to find owner Elea Lutz's blog. There I found these adorable free downloadable labels for Valentine's treats. I will print them and leave them in Mr. Mee a Bee's drawer. hint hint, darling.

If you're in the mood for some romantic comedy we just finished watching It's Complicated. Meryl Streep was nothing less than her usual fabulous self and Steve Martin was adorably goofy. We both enjoyed it a lot (even Mr. Mee a Bee). We were both in hysterics several times.

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