Nuts and Bolts of Neighbour Relations

In this day and age we (especially women) pride ourselves on being independent. We have a nothing-can-conquer-me attitude. I'm queen of DIY at my place. Repairs, maintenance and making stuff are all in my realm.

Today I found myself having to make a repair on my bicycle. Upon rummaging through the toolbox I found I did not have the right size nut and bolt. Rather than leave it until I could get to the hardware shop I decided to pay a visit to my elderly neighbour to see if he had one. My shocking Japanese and the fact that I have never knocked on their door before didn't stop me. I am so glad I did.

My neighbour was all too happy to help. He spent a good twenty minutes assisting - in fact he did the whole job for me! I was pleased to get it done of course (and yes it was just a matter of tightening a couple of nuts which I could've done had I had the right parts). But more than anything I think my neighbour was mighty chuffed that I asked for his help. He's in his eighties, long since retired and not all that active apart from his daily walks. It probably gave him quite a sense of purpose.

So I guess my question is, when was the last time you reached out a hand to a neighbour or asked for a simple favour? It goes a long way toward making the world a happier place.


  1. Good's been a long time since I helped any of my neighbours, but it's been AGES and AGES that I asked some kind of help.- I'm too a HUGE DYI, and that's not positive AT ALL.
    i'm yr follower, love yr blog.

  2. Haha - we live at our neighbours place... there are three little boys living there to help entertain my wee girl! Very handy :-)! We also got to know our previous neighbour where we last lived - she is an elderly woman, and is wonderful; have stayed in touch with her since we moved early last year... she is like a Granny to our girl! Neighbours are fantastic (mine have been anyway *grin*)!!!!

  3. about a neighbours helped when Ebi-kun broke his arm, not that I am suggesting you let your children injure themselves to make the world a happier place!

    I have tagged you...

  4. I'm very lucky - since moving to our new house in a court, we know everyone in our, adults, elderly, young boys (the footballers next door are quiet at times!) I'm blessed here, Christmas is a big street party in our park - the middle of the street and if you need to borrow anything, someone has it! I'm glad you made the choice to go next door....I can see you made his day.

  5. These stories are wonderful - restores my faith in human beings a bit :)

  6. Popping by for a visit after a wee absence. I am pleased to say I did soemthing for a neighbour in the weekend. Diane has a Japanese student that she hosts, Yuki and Yuki was due back to NZ on Saturday and Diane and her family were going to be away for her mother's birthday. We offered to pick Yuki up and bring her back home to our place for a meal and evening. Poor girl was exhausted as the plane had to take the long way because of the volcano erupting. I am pleased to say we live in a street were some old time neighbourly values exist and people do things for others without waiting to be asked.


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