Robots for Little Guy

Little Guy has finally chosen his kindergarten fabric. I am so pleased it does not feature any of the commercialized characters that he has been drawn to in the past. We got ROBOTS!

In a couple of weeks I should be receiving the information about the bag sizes. He'll need a bag for his lunch box, one for his PE kit and another for bringing artwork home.

In the meantime the boys have started sharing a room. After my father stayed with us they realized they quite like being in a room together. I didn't think it would work out since there is almost five years between them in age. However we seem to be at the point where Little Guy is happy to stay in bed once he's in there and Noodle doesn't mind being in charge of extra bedtime stories.

Of course I am super keen to redecorate BUT I am approaching it cautiously for budget considerations. It'd be so easy to really go crazy but in the end I think I'd be pleasing myself more than them. They're not completely indifferent to their setting but at the same time they're perfectly happy with the mix and match look of bits from Little Guy's old room and Noodle's existing theme.

Robots though .... a GREAT bedroom theme, don't you think?


  1. Luke loves robots too. His robot quote is (said in a monotone voice) "Deet deet, dot dot... robot." Cracks me up every time.


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