You can't keep a good man down

Have you heard the news? Now it looks like Little Guy has the 'flu too. Yaye! not!

I rushed him to the doctor at the first sign of the fever and he's now on medication. Miraculously, or I shouldn't be surprised, he's back to his normal self already. Up at the crack of dawn, eating and playing normally. I was hoping for more of a reaction like Noodle's. He's been dead to the world for hours each day on the couch, he's so exhausted.

Little Guy: tough as nails.


  1. Lucky for Little Guy. I guess that means you can get outside no problems so lucky for you too:)

  2. well I'm erring on the side of caution and laying low :) plus Noodle is still awfully tired and not up for much.

  3. Ick... it's horrible when they're sick so I hope both of your boys pick up soon. I had to pick up Eloise from pre-school today because she's sick. Blah! x


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