Appropriate Attire?

Last week I was chatting to you about snow suits, wet gear and chilly kids. Seems it was wasted energy as here comes Noodle, home from school, wearing what I like to call his 'ridiculous' little shorts. In the snow.

No coat. No snow boots. And shorts.


  1. Oh Jacqui, I can't help thinking if I were still in Japan I would be so tempted to send my little ones to school in a coat and long pants regardless of "uniform" Where is the sense in this?

  2. Claire ... have I told you about the ongoing raincoat argument? I just have to mention the r-word for Noah to start hyperventilating :)

  3. oh dear, poor little man. No, i haven't heard about the ongoing raincoat arguement but I can imagine! I will probably have to end up home schooling our kids with all arguements I am yet to have! :D

  4. Don't you mean poor you Jacqui, having to deal with this constantly?! haha.
    Actually I am about over the raincoat thing. He doesn't seem to be any worse for wear. It's taken me hmmm only five years of schooling to let that one go.
    Now it's Tyler's turn, he he he, evil witch cackles!
    There was a time when homeschooling was a thought, now I think GAWD what was I thinking? I'm rather happy to farewell him each day.

  5. haha. yes poor Jacqui too! I am sure in time I will get over myself and be grateful for the few hours break each day when they go to school. They really are resilient and hardy little creatures. I really should aim not to embarass my kids too much! :D


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