As seen in ....SHOP 4 KIDS!

Today is a very exciting day for Mee a Bee. We've been featured in Shop 4 Kids! (the magazine for children from the same publishers as Shop Till You Drop, Australia).

A few months ago one of the editors of Shop 4 Kids approached me about a feature in the next magazine. I sent off a couple of samples so they could be photographed professionally then waited to hear how the feature would appear.

The samples were well received by the editors so it looked promising but I still didn't know if we'd make it in. Today the magazine has finally hit newsstands and I am getting tons of emails from my friends in the biz. We're in!!

My great friend Kellie De La Vega of Mini Must Have gave Mee a Bee a huge thumbs up in her list of picks and 'must-haves' for kids. Thank you so much Kellie!

It's really funny as I couldn't say anything about the feature until today since I was never sure if we'd make it in. For the same reasons Kellie did not tell me about the mention!

I got this picture from the editor of Shop till You Drop, seen on her blog. Hopefully later we'll get to see a great picture of the actual feature. I've seen it and it's wonderful!!

Thanks again to everyone who has seen the feature and emailed me. Thanks to those who made it happen.

PS. The samples were donated to charity after the photo shoot. I asked the editor to put them under the nearest Charity Tree rather than send them back. She told me that they always give tons of great pressies at the end of every year, all their samples. Isn't that great?


  1. Yes I saw it, awesome, its such a great feeling, we too have made it in this issue.
    Even though we have been in a few issues now, its always exciting finding out you made it.

  2. It's great! Someone is sending me a copy. I haven't been in it before but I always look forward to seeing friends in there. Congrats Maryanne!

  3. WOOO HOOOO!!!! That is awesome Jac, well deserved :)

  4. Yay, Jacqui! Who doesn't love your fabulous messenger bags?!!!
    Have just blogged about the feature - hope you don't mind but I borrowed your post title. As seen in Shop 4 Kids. What else can I say? So, so exciting!

  5. Oh it's a great day indeed! Thank you Kim!!
    thanks again Kellie. off to read your post!

  6. hooray!! That is super exciting! I can't wait for tomorrow!:)


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